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Contact Us

Call or Text:
Yippie-Kai-Yay Pony Company
N8201 770th Street
River Falls, WI 54022

Booking ponies is easy!

Hours of Operation:

Sunday: 9am-9pm

Monday: 6-9pm

Tuesday: 6-9pm

Wednesday: 6-9pm

Thursday: 6-9pm

Friday: 6-9pm

Saturday: 9am-9pm

***Time and availability varies with holidays and other bookings. Check booking calendar at checkout for full details.

Pony rides come to you!

We offer our services to customers in the Minneapolis, Twin Cities, St.Paul and Western Wisconsin areas. 
***If your location is outside this radius from River Falls, there will be small additional charges for gas.
***Please reserve a parking spot of 5 car lengths for the truck and horse trailer for events or parties.
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