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Community Events & Fundraisers

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  • Works best for 7 to 11 kids

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Have a testimonial here. It can be a friend, neighbor, etc. 

Community Events & Fundraisers

Frequently Asked Questions

How many wranglers do you bring with each pony?

​Each pony is handled by one qualified wrangler.

We suggest:

  • 1 pony for up to 6 riders

  • 2 ponies for 7-10 riders

  • 3 ponies for 10-15 riders 

Our wranglers are professional horsepersons, experienced 4-H horse project members and other college-educated adults that own horses and have equine experience.

Our love of horses and children brings us together! 


Where are you located?

Our farm is located in River Falls, Wisconsin.


Parties at our location can be arranged.


How much does it cost?


Prices start at $165 and goes up from there. 




Do you charge extra mileage costs?

​ Additional mileage is charged if you are beyond 40 miles from River Falls.  The rate will be negotiated based on your location.


How long are the pony rides?

​While some children will ride the ponies all day, our 10+ years of experience has shown that an hour to be the perfect time for multiple rides and children's’ short attention spans (especially if you have cake, presents and other activities in the mix).  

Times may be extended if pre-determined.  


What is the birthday party & event season?

​Our season is April 15th - October 15th.  

Last minute bookings may be accommodated outside of this time frame if the weather is unseasonably warm.


What happens when the ponies poop?

The ponies feel much better and the kids find humor in it!

Joking aside, we clean up thoroughly as it happens and you will have no evidence of it (maybe a greener and healthier spot in your yard!).  

Urine may create a future brown spot.



What is your bad weather plan?

​Please let us know at least 3 hours before your event if you are cancelling. We will do our best to reschedule your event within a reasonable time frame.  

If we arrive because you have not contacted us to cancel, you will be charged the full negotiated fee.  

Light rain is a “GO”.  Downpour is a “NO”.


Are your ponies dog-friendly?

​Yes.  All of our ponies are what we refer to in the business as “bomb proof.”  They are friendly, have quiet dispositions and have tons of experience in multiple settings.  

If your dog is overly aggressive, we would ask you confine it for its safety and to insure the safety of each rider.



What is the maximum weight for a rider?

​The ponies of YKY come in different sizes to accommodate the differences in rider height and weight.  

Our largest pony could hold a 100-pound child comfortably.  If special considerations are needed, please let us know in advance.


What are the suggested ages for riders?

​The ideal age is 10 years and under.  Children under 2 can still ride but would require the parent or guardian to walk along side of the pony while securing the child.

When and how do I pay for a party or event?

​A non-refundable $25 deposit is due to secure your date.  

The balance is due on or before your event.

What is your cancellation policy?

Due to our busy schedule, we request as much advance notice as possible so another family can take your day.  

Cancellations due to weather must be made a minimum of 3 hours before the event.  If we come to your place and you have not canceled, you will be charged the full negotiated fee.

Can we take photos?

​Absolutely!  We provide leather chaps, vests, and cowboy hats to provide the most memorable photos.

Do kids wear helmets?

​Safety helmets are available. Are ponies are all safe and hand-led by the wranglers.

Will the ponies rip up our grass?

No.  The ponies are only hand walked, and we try to vary the route for that purpose.  If you have limited space, you will see some evidence of wear.

Additional questions?  

Please contact us.

"She loved every bit of it! Thank you guys again for being so great!!!"

Mom, May 2017

Little girl riding apony
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